Mac Demarco

that gap-toothed dude wearing lipstick and a wig is Mac Demarco, a 23 year old singer-songwriter from Canada. at first (and maybe second and maybe third) glance, he comes across as a skeazy weirdo who also happens to make excellent music, but after scouring the web for interviews, it just seems like he’s a real chill, down to earth guy. he’s released one EP and one album, with his sophomore effort, Salad Days, due out in April.

i’ve been hearing his name here and there for the past few months, but only started paying attention once i saw the video for “Let My Baby Stay” (below), which will appear on his forthcoming album. i was immediately drawn to the lo-fi and wonky nature of the video, which is undoubtedly due in part to the cinematography of Hiro Murai. the fact that the boom operator pops up in a bunch of shots (like walking beside Mac on a treadmill) illustrates the DIY charm that a lot of his music has. also, it doesn’t hurt that Portugal is looking incredibly beautiful and the song sounds great.


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